Agenturnews: Michałs supporting motto at work

Michałs supporting motto at work

Don’t sh*t fire


The story is about one of my favourite creative agencies called Fajne Chłopaki. They once posted a blog story about moving to their new office. In one photo some people were building their desks, in another one someone was pluging the machines in. And in one we saw the company founder solemnly hanging a frame announcing the agency motto:

Don't shit fire.

For those not up to date with vulgar Polish idioms – it means: don't panic. 

Just like the motto from Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy, if Douglas Adams had a more blunt writing style.

Sometimes I’m pretty chaotic at work, especially if I'm dealing with something new or challenging. And then I’m afraid I would fail the task and this could trigger some further failures. These two wires, if touching each other, always spark with panic.

Howerver every time when I'm in panic, i though it’s OK, because my idols (who do this work better) is in panic too.

I can't find the original blog post with this photo. Apparently after these few years, Fajne Chłopaki decided they don’t want to be associated with catchphrases about shit anymore.

Sorry, guys, you have to face your legacy, it already inspired the people.


Picture © Fajne Chłopaki, I guess. I don’t remember the year.



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