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Homeoffice: Zu Besuch im Buff Homeoffice bei Daniela

Zu Besuch im Buff Homeoffice bei Daniela

Home-office experience

Disclaimer: it's a burden for me to write. I never liked to write about experiences, especially for 2 reasons:

  1. Such stories have a more astonishing effect when told through speech.
  2. I always get lost in ideas, I think too fast, but I don't write fast enough, and I end up starting to talk about one idea and end the story with another idea.

But I'll give it a try and I hope you like it.

The home-office experience was a wake-up call for life.
The first 2 weeks of home office were simple, normal because I was used to this idea, but only 2-3 days/month. The first 3 months of accommodation with the home office were full of challenges.

How it started…
The experience started with the lockdown. I don't really like sitting at home. I always prefer to go out and do all kinds of outdoor activities: go to cafés in the city, walks in the park, nature or shops, go to the gym, jogging, dance classes, visiting relatives and friends. So, the lockdown forced me to change my lifestyle. In the first 3 months of the lockdown, I didn't even know when it was weekend and when it wasn't. Most of the activities I do have moved online: online shopping, online dance classes, online courses and, of course, home office. And, 'to make fun of trouble' (a Romanian saying), doing dance classes online in a small room turns you into an interior design specialist (I changed the position of the furniture in the room .... weekly) because I kept hitting the furniture when I did pirouettes. Staying at home forced me to reorganize my life, personally and professionally. Changing the routine was difficult, from outdoor to indoor. About the home office, it was ok at first, but then I started to miss my colleagues: have a coffee together in the morning, to talk about what we did on the weekend or on vacation, or to tell jokes (these things are not the same when you do them online).

How's it going…
Eventually, I got used to staying home longer. Working from home has started to be bearable. Finally, I had created a program to harmonize my personal life with my professional one. I organized my activities in such a way that I did not have spare time to complain. My mission was to always find something to do so that I wouldn't get bored, a new hobby.

So, I started making soy wax candles. I ordered online 1 kg of wax, a mold, some dyes and a wax perfume, then the experiments started. Over time, this simple hobby began to become a business. Until now, I have been working with soy wax for 18 months, and I am perfecting my candle-making technique every day. I developed the hobby in parallel with the home office: in the morning I melted the wax and poured it into molds or containers, at noon I checked the progress and in the evening I eventually took the candle out of the mold. Another nice thing was that I could test the candles every day. Just imagine, a cold winter day, and you work in the comfort of your home and have a scented candle burning next to you. Life is so beautiful. Doing everything on my own, this hobby taught me a lot about entrepreneurship, design, marketing, and production. I could talk about candles all day, where the idea came from, the theme, the technical and chemical stuff, but I'll leave that story for another occasion.

Now that I have the opportunity to work from anywhere (as long as I have Internet, and a cat – is optional, she is one of the best bug hunter) is an improvement for life. I work from anywhere: my parents 'house, my friends' house, from a hotel, from a café, from a hub, I occasionally work from the office. Gradually, the home office began to become a new lifestyle.
And if I were to describe a day in my life (24h) I would realize in the end that I really enjoy every hour. I wake up at 5, I read from a good book until 6, I go jogging until 7, I spend time with my family until 9, I work from home, I cook my lunch (maybe a power nap after), I work from home, classes online at college until 8, evening walk until 10 (bedtime). I don't think I could have this program if I didn't work from home.

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